How to Start an Exercise Routine Safely

Everyone says that being active is an essential component of any wellness program. You’ll also hear plenty of chatter about how few adults manage to fit in enough exercise. And, of course, there’s also lots of talk about the latest fitness trends. Unfortunately, discussion of how to start an exercise routine safely is often lacking. If you’re an older adult who is interested in the many benefits that come with exercising regularly, learning how to develop a workout habit without endangering your health is important. These tips will help you do it.

Tips for Exercising with Care and Caution

Check with Your Doctor

While general recommendations for the amount of exercise needed and the appropriate types of exercise are available, everyone’s body is unique. Visit your doctor’s office before taking the plunge with a new workout. Check to see if there are any special limits or restrictions that you should keep in mind because of your unique health situation. Ask for personalized recommendations regarding how to start an exercise routine safely and how to create realistic fitness goals. Then, use this info to make your plans.

Find Interesting Kinds of Exercise

Committing to an exercise program doesn’t mean doing endless laps around a track or endless repetitions of the same lift or move. There are numerous ways to be active. Walking, riding a bike, swimming, dancing, lifting weights, doing yoga, playing pickleball, or doing tai chi are all great ways to get moving, and they’re just the tip of the iceberg. Finding one or more forms of exercise that you like boosts your chances of successfully creating an exercise habit. It’s easier to stick with something that you enjoy. Variety can be especially beneficial. It keeps things fresh and exciting. Plus, it helps you work your body in different ways.   

Start Slowly

When starting something new, it’s easy to get swept up in the excitement. However, too much of a good thing can be harmful. Too much exercise too quickly can lead to painful soreness or real injury. This kind of issue can cause a serious stumble when you’re trying to form an exercise habit. That’s why every list of tips for how to start an exercise routine safely includes a recommendation to start slowly. Exercise for short periods at a beginner’s level. Be sure to take rest days. According to Mayo Clinic, you should build your endurance by increasing your activity level by no more than 10 percent. Sometimes, moving more slowly may be appropriate. In that case, listen to your body or your doctor.

Use Appropriate Equipment

There are countless ways to be active. Most require some kind of equipment to achieve the task safely. For example, people who are walking regularly will want to invest in comfortable athletic shoes. Anyone who is exercising near a road will likely want to have some bright clothing that’s suitable for their activity so that they’re easy to spot. A cell phone that will let them call for help if needed is also a handy tool for people who intend to work out outside. For swimming or water aerobics, you’ll need a swimsuit. Dancing may require a specific type of shoe or clothing that allows you to move freely. Are you interested in cycling? Protect yourself with a helmet.

Take Classes

Things that look easy often aren’t, especially for a beginner. To avoid mistakes or sloppy forms that could cause injury, it’s useful to take classes. This allows you to work with an expert who can help you learn foundational skills first before expanding your range. If in-person classes aren’t available, you may be able to find classes or videos online.

Vary Exercises to Avoid Overuse Injuries

Repetition is boring. Boredom can make it more difficult to continue your exercise habit, and repeating the same activity too frequently can increase your risk of injury. For starters, boredom can lead to sloppiness, which can lead to injury. Also, repetitive movements can strain muscles and tendons, leading to overuse or repetitive strain injuries. Mixing up your exercise routine keeps things fresh and fun for your mind and body.


A reliable exercise routine is linked with better sleep, improved stress management, and protection against numerous chronic health conditions. Getting an exercise routine started safely when you’ve been inactive may seem daunting, but it’s certainly doable. You’re never too old to benefit from being active!

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