Questions to Ask When Looking For Assisted Living

When you’re seeking a senior living community to call home for yourself or a loved one, you want to have the best information possible to make your decision. Knowing what questions to ask when looking for assisted living can make all the difference. What do you need to know about a community like Springhouse Village?

How to Find the Right Home for Your Senior Years

When exploring the possibility of moving into assisted living, it’s essential to consider your entire experience as a potential resident. After all, you’re moving for more than just a living space. You also want to make sure your new home provides the lifestyle you’re looking for. If you aren’t sure what questions to ask when visiting a community like Springhouse Village, here are some essentials to remember.

What Is the Neighborhood and Community Like?

An ideal assisted living community promotes an active lifestyle for residents at all ability levels, so you’ll want to live in a city you enjoy exploring. One of the many things our residents love about Springhouse Village is its location in Springfield, Missouri. Springfield has plenty to see and do, and residents are invited to enjoy regular community outings.

What Does the Community Feature?

It’s good to make sure you enjoy the city you’re moving to, but it’s also important to ensure the community can support the lifestyle you’re looking for. Springhouse Village is an ideal community for an active senior because it was designed with extensive and accessible outdoor spaces for walking and indoor spaces to socialize and have fun. There are also plenty of daily activities like classes and game and movie nights where you can make new friends. There are even on-site amenities like a beauty shop that can keep you looking and feeling your best!

What Kinds of Living Spaces Are Available?

Nobody wants to compromise on space or amenities when they move into senior living. If you’re looking for a good amount of space, you may want to consider a community with one- or two-bedroom apartments over a studio. Our living spaces are bright and full of modern amenities, and some even include unique touches like their own porches and outdoor spaces. Springhouse Village has you covered if you’re looking for lovingly designed senior housing with charm and space to spare.

Is There a Continuum of Care for Residents?

A senior’s health can change as they advance through their golden years, so it’s a good idea to move into a community that offers different kinds of care for different types of residents. At Springhouse Village, residents can move between independent living, assisted living, and memory care as needed. No matter what stage of life you’re in, you’ll find a supportive community ready to help you navigate it.

How Are Staff Hired?

Seniors in assisted living need personalized support to thrive, which requires staff with expertise in senior living. Springhouse Village goes above and beyond to ensure the right people are on the team with extensive background checks and interviews. Whether someone needs an occasional check-in or more personalized care, the staff at Springhouse Village can provide it. That way, every resident gets the time and attention they deserve.


These are a few of the questions to ask when looking for assisted living, but nobody knows what you are looking for in a community better than you. Why not visit Springhouse Village and see what we have to offer for yourself?

At Springhouse Village, we encourage our residents to explore their interests and offer a wide range of activities and events so that there’s always something interesting happening. We make it easy for our residents to participate in our community. Whether that means encouraging residents to join an exercise class or assisting them in starting a garden club, we strive to help our residents thrive. To learn more about the amenities and services we offer, contact Springhouse Village today by sending us a message online or calling 417-708-3403.

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