Why Continuing Your Education Is So Valuable

Are you a lifelong learner? One of the best parts of retirement is the abundant free time to explore new areas of interest, from creative hobbies to volunteering to learning new things. There are numerous reasons why continuing your education is valuable and worthwhile in your golden years.

Why Continuing Your Education Is So Valuable

If you’re currently residing in a senior living community, we can probably safely assume that you’re well past your school years. You probably attended high school, and you may even have a degree or two in your back pocket. But even though your engagement with a formal school system may have ended some time ago, there are still plenty of benefits to be found in continuing your education.

Learning New Things Is a Brain Booster

Do you know why so many people recommend things like brain-stimulating games for seniors? Believe it or not, it’s because learning new things is important for the health of your brain. New concepts and ideas force your brain to make new neural connections and pathways, which is great for your overall cognitive health. Mental stimulation can even help with common age-related memory issues like Alzheimer’s and dementia.

A Learning Community Can Provide Social Connections

Aside from the mental benefits, committing yourself to later-in-life learning can give you some great opportunities to expand your social circle. Entering a classroom or another learning environment gives you a room full of like-minded people who already have an interest in common with you. What a great chance to make friends and connect! Lifelong learners have fewer issues with social isolation than other seniors, and have an easier time making connections than those who don’t participate.

Learning New Things Is Something to Be Proud Of

When you think back to your school days, do you remember being proud of your work? Maybe you got high scores on a test or even won an academic contest like a spelling bee. If you remember that feeling, you know how great it is for your self-esteem when you master something new. Seniors who engage in lifelong learning get all kinds of opportunities to find pride in themselves and their work, which is essential for a positive self-image.

How Can I Be a Lifelong Learner?

Don’t worry, you don’t need to re-enroll in high school to be a lifelong learner. There are tons of formal and non-traditional opportunities out there for seniors who want to learn something new:

  • Many colleges and universities offer special programs and learning tracks for mature adults. For example, Drury University’s Institute for Mature Learning provides regular classes and social opportunities for seniors in the area.
  • Springfield’s network of Senior Centers offer an incredible array of learning opportunities for local seniors. Check out a fun new hobby like painting or tai chi, or brush up your computer skills.
  • If in-person learning isn’t your preferred method, there are tons of excellent classes geared towards seniors waiting for you on the internet. Explore resources like AARP’s Senior Planet for live daily classes, lunch and learns, and so much more!


If you’re continuing your education, a supportive and active senior community could be the perfect home for you. Springhouse Village offers numerous classes and other educational opportunities to residents.

If you’re looking for a community that will allow you to thrive, look no further than Springhouse Village. As an active living community, we delight in providing a thriving activities calendar for our residents. We make it easy for our residents to be active participants in our community. Whether that means encouraging residents to join an exercise class or assisting them in starting a garden club, we strive to help our residents thrive. To learn more about the amenities and services we offer, contact Springhouse Village today by sending us a message online or calling 417-708-3403.

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