Touch of Grace Memory Care

Specially trained staff, encouraging activities

The thoughtfully designed memory care is for residents who have a form of memory loss like Dementia and Alzheimer’s. The layout of our memory care was purposefully designed to provide a birds-eye view of each area of the memory care to ensure the residents are well cared for. Our intimate small dining rooms create the perfect setting for our family-style dining. Each resident has their own private apartment and bathroom to ensure independence and privacy. Providing the care and services for a loved-one can become a struggle over time and finding additional support can be stressful. Memory care at Springhouse Village of Springfield can provide the support needed by our specially trained staff and our encouraging events, activities, and entertainment. Our goal is to help our residents thrive and be as independent as they can while honoring their unique history and memories that make them who they are, while you go back to just being a son or daughter. Let us be the ones who care for your loved-one.

Specially trained care team to ensure maximum outcomes with every resident

By creating meaningful moments in life is something we all strive to achieve, it can be a challenge for those who suffer from memory loss. That is why Springhouse Village has developed a proven recipe for success. It is called Touch of Grace. The basic steps of Touch of Grace are; engaging the 5 senses, stir positive memories from the residents past, foster emotional connections with others, encourage self-expression and meet the residents at the point they are experiencing, lessen the anxiety and irritability that memory loss may bring, facilitate those with memory loss to feel more engaged with life, and communicating in calm and peacefulness manner with others. Knowing that it is not just that simple and each resident is unique, our care team is specially trained to ensure maximum outcomes with every resident.


Touch of Grace Memory Care Community at Springhouse Village focuses on our senses to bring back memories and various moments of joy within each resident. Many opportunities are provided throughout the day to stir these senses. We offer cooking, exercise, outdoor time, arts and crafts as well as trivia and reminiscing time. Each one of these activities encourages our residents to discuss what they enjoy and moments in their pasts that have created this positive emotion.

The programming within Touch of Grace is created to provide a “place” for each resident at each hour of the day. Our programming includes engaging the residents to start their day through actions like opening their drapes that darken the room, making coffee to fill the area with the aroma and turning up the lights in the hall, living room and kitchen.

We also have a fantastic system called IN2L (It’s Never Too Late) that has been created for the age group of our residents. IN2L provides many fun filled activities for everyone’s interests. It provides memory games, trivia games, history, travel videos and education which are all interactive with our group of residents. This has been a very successful way to encourage our residents to interact and engage with one another. Family Feud has been a favorite! These many engagements have sparked many memories and discussions where we all learn about one another while we reminisce together.

It has been such a blessing to be part of a team providing care and engagement to each resident. Within this close-knit community, we are like family to one another where we share our successes, memories, and moments of joy. To see the smile on a resident’s face provides the warm confirmation of their sense of belonging which is truly a gift every day.

-Alex Miller, MC Director

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