Stores with Senior Discounts

Senior man smiling and holding up credit card

Financial wisdom comes with age — and so do some awesome perks, like senior discounts! Stores with senior discounts don’t just help you save a few dollars; they also represent an acknowledgment of seniors’ contributions to society and an effort to make their lives more enjoyable and less stressful. Let’s explore a few of the senior discounts available to you.

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How to Get into Journaling

Senior woman journaling outside

For many people, the idea of a journal conjures up the image of a young girl writing passion-fueled musings into a pink notebook, starting with “Dear Diary . . .” But in reality, all sorts of people enjoy journaling. Some people find it mentally beneficial, some enjoy the creative outlet, and others simply find it …

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Exploring Mindfulness in Everyday Life

Senior woman relaxing on couch with eyes closed

Though it may seem exotic, in practice, mindfulness in everyday life can be incredibly simple and offer significant benefits. As Harvard Health Publishing reports, practicing mindfulness regularly can improve memory and concentration, help you fend off distractions, and boost your resilience. What Is Mindfulness? According to Psychology Today, “mindfulness is a state of active, open …

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