What Is Independent Living?

If you think you’re too independent to thrive in a senior living community, think again! There’s a lot to love about senior living communities, even if you don’t need daily assistance or managed care. What is independent living, and why is it the perfect home for an active senior like you?

Independent Living 101

When people think about the advantages of moving into a senior living community, they often think of things like the daily support seniors get from staff. However, reducing senior living down to one kind of support means you can miss out on some other opportunities available to you. Assisted living is an excellent option for seniors that need it, but it’s not the only way to move into a senior living community. If you’re an independently-minded senior who wants the amenities of senior living while still being free to make your own path in retirement, an independent living community might be the home you’re looking for.

Independent Living Provides Freedom and Individuality in a Community Built for You

Have you ever wondered what living in a community built to meet your needs would be like? Imagine a neighborhood where your favorite amenities are brought to your doorstep, you never have to shovel snow or rake leaves, and all your neighbors are like-minded seniors like you. Wouldn’t anybody want to live somewhere like that?

Good news! If you’re considering moving into an independent living community, you’ve already found a place like that. Independent living communities are places where seniors can continue to enjoy an independent lifestyle while also taking advantage of the amenities that senior living provides:

  • In an independent living community, residents have private living spaces to enjoy. In fact, at Springhouse Village, our independent living residents reside in their own private villas, which they can decorate and use as they please. Residences include the up-to-date amenities you’d expect from a modern living space alongside equipment like grab bars to keep residents safe. It’s a perfect balance of function and flair.
  • You’ll have a living space to enjoy, but you won’t have to take care of it alone. That’s because independent living still provides plenty of support for residents. You’ll get help with landscaping, yard maintenance, and housekeeping. (At Springhouse Village, residents receive one hour of housekeeping per week.) Independent living takes the chores of everyday life off of a senior’s to-do list so they can spend their retirement precisely as they please.
  • One of the reasons that seniors move to senior living communities is the opportunity to widen their social networks. If you’re looking for chances to make friends and meet new people, independent living will provide them. Independent living residents at Springhouse Village enjoy daily clubhouse meals and various exciting opportunities to socialize as provided by our dedicated staff. And since your new friends will live in the same neighborhood as you do, you’ll have the chance to see those friendships grow daily.

Is Independent Living Right for Me?

Determining whether independent living is the right environment for yourself or a senior loved one is ultimately a personal decision, and you should consider many factors. If you’re a senior in relatively good health who does not need a lot of daily support but would still appreciate residing in a community that meets senior needs, independent living could be a perfect fit.


What’s independent living? Now that you’ve learned a little more about it, come find out for yourself by visiting the beautiful independent living villas at Springhouse Village.

At Springhouse Village, we know how important it is to enjoy an active retirement in a lively and welcoming environment. We make it easy for our residents to participate actively in our community. Whether that means encouraging residents to join an exercise class or assisting them in starting a garden club, we strive to help our residents thrive. To learn more about our amenities and services, contact Springhouse Village today by sending us a message online or calling 417-708-3403.

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