Outdoor Activities for Seniors

Winter can feel endless, so it’s always a joyful relief when the sun comes out from hiding, the days begin to stretch, flowers sprout up from the earth, and leaves adorn the trees. We hope that you’re already celebrating this spring season by getting outside in the fresh air each day. But if you need some ideas for what to do outside, or some excuses to head out more often, check out our list of outdoor activities for seniors. We hope they inspire you to venture into the great outdoors — whether that’s your front lawn, your local park, or perhaps even a nature preserve or national park.

Outdoor Activities for Seniors


Not only does gardening yield gorgeous flowers or delicious produce and herbs, but also it’s a great way to stay active! This light aerobic activity can help you increase your strength and flexibility.


People often look down on walking as a form of exercise because it’s something that most people do every day anyway. But taking a stroll around your neighborhood or going for a long walk in the park is an excellent way to get your heart rate up and spend some time in nature. It’s especially enjoyable in spring, as you can see the foliage and flowers changing day by day!

Bird Watching

If you’ve always loved a bit of a treasure hunt, bird-watching is an ideal activity. You’ll experience a little thrill every time you spot a new bird, and as time goes by, you’ll learn bird songs and visual identifiers that make it easier to match a bird to its name. Even if you don’t spot many birds, listening to nature sounds is sure to soothe your soul!

Fruit Picking

Check out the local farms in your area that allow visitors to pick their own produce, also known as U-pick farms. Here in Southwest Missouri, you could check out Brown’s Berry Farm, Crafty Farms, High’s Berry Farm, Missouri Berries, or Ozark Mountain Orchard. Depending on the exact time of year, you might be able to pick berries, peaches, apples, or even pumpkins!

Local Fairs and Festivals

What’s going on in your neck of the woods? Once the weather warms up, many cities start to host fun outdoor activities celebrating art, music, food, and more. For example, some of our favorite Springfield events include Artsfest, which is coming up in May, and Cider Days in the fall.


Taking up photography is a wonderful way to increase your appreciation for the world around you. As you search for subjects, you might be surprised by how many beautiful things are in your own backyard. Taking pictures is also a great way to celebrate the seasons: take photos of blooming flowers in spring, sunny landscapes in summer, colorful foliage in autumn, and (if you’re lucky) magical snowfall in winter!

Backyard Games

If you want to stay close to home, grab a simple lawn game and head to the backyard with some friends. Popular options include bocce ball, croquet, washers, lawn bowling, lawn darts, horseshoes, ladder toss, and bean bag toss.

Favorite Hobbies

Finally, remember that many of our favorite hobbies can be enjoyed outdoors with the right equipment and wardrobe. You could paint, read, do a puzzle, play cards, listen to music, play sudoku, knit, FaceTime your family, whittle, drink your morning coffee, or chat with friends outside. The possibilities are endless!


Which of these outdoor activities for seniors is on your spring bucket list? Whether you do one or all of them this year, we hope you cherish this beautiful season. Finally, be sure to check out our monthly calendar to see what outdoor activities we’ve already got planned for our residents!

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