Benefits of Jigsaw Puzzles

Although jigsaw puzzles are a beloved pastime for people of all ages, they’re especially popular with seniors. They offer a great way to relax, but did you know that jigsaw puzzles can be good for you too? What are the benefits of jigsaw puzzles?

Benefits of Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles have experienced a recent resurgence in popularity, and it’s not hard to see why. With just a box of cardboard pieces and a couple of hours, you can challenge yourself with an exciting puzzle and create a beautiful work of art! While people of every age enjoy jigsaw puzzles, people in their golden years can benefit from them in ways you may not realize. What are the unique benefits of jigsaw puzzles for seniors?

There’s a Jigsaw Puzzle for Everybody

Are you worried you might be unable to find a jigsaw puzzle that works for you? One of the best things about jigsaw puzzles is that there are so many different kinds of puzzles that you can easily find ones suited to your needs. For example, puzzles with large pieces and bright, vibrant pictures can be an excellent fit for seniors with eyesight issues or arthritis. No matter what kind of puzzle you need, it’s out there waiting for you.

Jigsaw Puzzles Are Great for Memory Care

For seniors with age-related memory issues, activities that help them build cognitive skills are essential. Luckily, puzzles provide plenty of opportunities for seniors to challenge themselves and practice memory skills. Puzzles allow us to test and develop our short-term memory and other memory-based cognitive functions like pattern recognition. If you or a loved one is concerned about age-related memory loss, keep jigsaw puzzles in your metaphorical toolbox.

Jigsaw Puzzles Give Your Brain a Workout

Of course, jigsaw puzzles can do more for your brain than test your memory. Assembling a jigsaw puzzle requires you to use both your right-brain spatial reasoning skills and your left-brain creative problem-solving skills, which means both sides of your brain are engaged. Activities that tap into multiple cognitive skills at once are a great way to keep your mind active. In addition, putting a jigsaw puzzle together promotes a relaxed, meditative state of mind that can help with senior stress. Jigsaw puzzles can make you smarter and boost your mood in a single afternoon!

Jigsaw Puzzles Can Be a Social Activity

Another wonderful thing about puzzles is that they can be a group activity. Staying socially active as a senior can be challenging, but solving puzzles with a friend or two is a perfect way to enjoy a quiet afternoon with some good company. Most people are already familiar with puzzles, so they require little explanation or preparation beforehand. They can even be a great social outlet for nonverbal seniors or seniors with other communication issues. There are also lots of seniors who already love jigsaw puzzles, so it won’t be hard to find a puzzle buddy once you start looking. Jigsaw puzzles can help you find new friends and provide a fun activity to enjoy with them.


Now that you know the benefits of jigsaw puzzles, are you ready to find a puzzle buddy or two? There’s an active community of seniors waiting for you at Springhouse Village!

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