When to Consider Memory Care

When someone is diagnosed with an age-related cognitive condition like Alzheimer’s or dementia, it’s essential to help them adjust to their new normal. However, sometimes our loved ones need more assistance than we can provide. Knowing when to consider memory care can help you make the right choice when the time comes.

When to Consider Memory Care

If you’re grappling with the effects of a dementia diagnosis, you know there’s a lot to learn about managing and adjusting to the condition. One thing you may be interested in learning more about is memory care. Memory care communities are specially-designed senior living communities where people with age-related cognitive diseases get the support they need to thrive. Plus, they provide vital support to family and loved ones too. But how do you know when to consider memory care?

Sooner Is Better When It Comes to Memory Care

While a family needs to consider many factors when determining how to handle a dementia diagnosis, one of the most important things to remember is that it’s rarely too early for memory care. Moving into a memory care community while a senior is still in the early stages of the condition can allow them to benefit from occupational therapy and other support that can help them stay independent longer. If you’re noticing that your senior loved one is struggling with memory and cognitive tasks, they can most likely benefit from memory care.

For Seniors with Dementia, Safety Is Key

While any senior with age-related memory issues can benefit from the support memory care provides, there are seniors for whom that support is essential. Generally, medical professionals recommend that seniors transition into memory care once they cannot safely live independently with their condition. There are several factors that experts recommend paying attention to when deciding whether it’s time for a senior to enter memory care:

  • Is there evidence that the senior is neglecting self-care or personal hygiene? A disheveled appearance, missing meals or appointments, or an unsanitary living environment can indicate more severe problems. Memory care provides daily assistance to help.
  • Has the senior injured themselves or dealt with a “scare” related to a memory lapse? Unfortunately, burns, falls, and other accidents can indicate that seniors can no longer navigate their day alone. Memory care provides structure and routine alongside 24/7 safety supervision for residents.
  • Has the senior gotten lost or repeatedly attempted to leave supervision? Memory care communities are built to prevent senior wandering and elopement, meaning seniors can be safely left alone.
  • Is the senior withdrawn, emotionally volatile, or otherwise appearing mentally distressed? Memory care can provide compassionate and appropriate care, opportunities to socialize, and a community of support.

Listen to Doctors and Caretakers Too

Sometimes the decision to move a senior into memory care can feel straightforward, but other times it’s not as obvious. Sometimes family members can miss signs, or seniors may hide symptoms of their condition so as not to worry them. Before making decisions about memory care, talk to your senior loved one’s doctors and anyone who contributes to their care. The more information you have, the easier the decision will be.


Now that you know when to consider memory care, do you know someone who might benefit from it? Call our memory care experts, and we’ll help you determine your next steps.

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