How to Get into Journaling

For many people, the idea of a journal conjures up the image of a young girl writing passion-fueled musings into a pink notebook, starting with “Dear Diary . . .” But in reality, all sorts of people enjoy journaling. Some people find it mentally beneficial, some enjoy the creative outlet, and others simply find it fun! If you’re interested in giving it a shot, scroll down to learn how to get into journaling.

Journaling Tips for Seniors

Find a journal.

You can use whatever sort of journal you like, from a digital Microsoft Word document to a classic Moleskine journal to a basic notepad. Some people find that purchasing a beautiful notebook motivates them to write, while other people find that intimidating and prefer to write on loose paper. Use whatever method works best for you.

Create a routine.

Like any hobby, it’s helpful to create a routine for journaling so that you stick with it. Consider your schedule, and decide when to fit journaling into your day. Maybe you’d like to start your day with your journal and a cup of coffee, or perhaps you’d prefer to write before bed. Although you don’t have to stick to this schedule rigidly, try it for a few weeks to see if you enjoy it.

Pick a journaling method.

Journaling is a very flexible hobby; writing is really the only requirement. So, as you’re getting started, try a few different methods to see if one works best for you, and feel free to switch it up as you go. The following are some common methods:

  • Stream of consciousness (pouring out your thoughts as they come to you)
  • Daily events (a typical diary, recording what you did that day)
  • A gratitude journal (writing down things you’re thankful for)
  • Prompts (responding to specific assisting phrases)
  • Memories (writing down memories of specific days, people, or events)

For many people, prompts are a great place to start because they can combine all of these methods. For example, the following prompts might help if you’re wondering how to get into journaling:

  • What are your favorite childhood memories?
  • Do you have any recurring dreams?
  • What are you thinking about right now? Write down your thoughts in a stream-of-conscious style.
  • What are your top 5 life tips?
  • What is your favorite tree? Why?
  • Write about the worst weather you’ve ever experienced.

Keep the benefits top of mind.

One of the best ways to stick with a new habit is to have a strong motivation. While you might get into journaling for the simple fun of it, learning about all its benefits can be very motivating. All of the following benefits are linked with journaling:

  • Jog your memory (and preserve old memories)
  • Exercise your mind
  • Boost your creativity
  • Reduce your stress
  • Soothe your mind
  • Improve your cognition
  • Reflect on your past
  • Comfort your heart

Journaling is truly a powerhouse of a hobby! It’s easy to do, can be done just about anywhere, and provides numerous benefits. If you’ve never given it a try, why not start now? You’ve got nothing to lose!

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