How to Listen to Audiobooks

You love books but find holding one for long periods uncomfortable. You’re tired of struggling with print that seems to get smaller every day. You’re interested in indulging your love of stories while you complete other tasks. Or, you’re simply curious about audiobooks. Clearly, numerous paths can lead a person to investigate the audiobook phenomenon. Learning how to listen to audiobooks is the first step.

Discovering What You’ll Need

If you’re interested in exploring how to listen to audiobooks, you’ll need to cover two things to succeed. One is equipment that will let you listen. The other is a way to access audiobooks. With both of these aspects, you have a variety of choices.

Choosing Your Equipment

Virtually any smart device can play an audiobook. Smartphones, tablets, and e-readers all generally can play audiobooks. You’ll simply need to go to the app store and download the necessary app.

You will want to consider how you listen. If your device has a built-in speaker, playing directly from the device is an option. However, that might restrict when and where you can listen. Do you want to take your audiobook into shared or public spaces? You will want to invest in headphones or earbuds.

Accessing Audiobooks

To enjoy audiobooks, you have to access an audiobook. Your local library can be an excellent ally in this quest. Your library can connect you with the app that they use. This can be a great way to get a guided tour of the basics of how to listen to audiobooks, and it’s free. However, most libraries have a limited supply of audiobooks, so you might have to wait for the title that you want. You may also quickly run through the ones that interest you.

What if you prefer a wider variety of titles or don’t have a library nearby? As Mashable points out, there are lots of places where you can purchase audiobooks:

  • Audible. Amazon’s subscription app provides access to an on-demand catalog. It also lets users pick one free title each month from the seller’s premium store.
  • A subscription to this app delivers access to an on-demand catalog and two free titles from a premium store.
  • Google Play Books. This free app allows users to purchase individual audiobooks as they wish.
  • Scribd. Much like a streaming service, this app lets users access a wide range of audiobooks, magazines, and government documents.
  • Apple Books. This app is just for Apple users. It permits them to purchase single audiobooks as desired.

Listening to Audiobooks

How do you find an audiobook that you want to listen to? When you’re picking your first audiobook, the sheer abundance can be daunting. These suggestions may help:

  • Reread a story you already enjoy. Choose an audiobook version of a title that you liked reading in a physical format. That gives you a chance to adapt to the format change.
  • Select a genre that you adore. If you’re trying to get back into books, use the type of stories that you enjoy as a guide.
  • Consider length. A quick read can deliver a satisfying story and a feeling of accomplishment when you reach the end. That makes shorter stories a great choice for beginning listeners.
  • Recognize that the narrator matters. If you’ve ever loved a book but hated the movie, then you know that performances matter. Audiobooks are read by professionals, and there will be some voices that you enjoy having in your ear. Others won’t be as pleasant. You may have to experiment to find what works for you.
  • Listen and multitask. Some people enjoy simply sitting and listening to their books. Others delight in the freedom to hear their book while having their hands free for mindless work like washing dishes, folding laundry, or knitting. Experiment to find which approach works best.

Audiobooks offer another way to enjoy stories and gain access to information. They’re not only fun but also a great way to exercise the brain by exposing it to new insights. At Springhouse Village, we’re always happy to support our residents as they pursue their interests, especially when it benefits their health and happiness.

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